23 February 2019

Another milestone achieved with the successful lift and removal of the loco's bogies. They didn't want to give up without a fight as the axle underkeep bolts were rusted solid and a few were cut free. The loco is now sat on bogies lent to us by the Bury DMU group (cheers chaps). Adaptor plates were made especially for the operation, so the loco can be attached securely to the ex-DMU bogies bolster. The ex-DMU bogies are also fitted with heavier type springs and when the loco was lowered on to them there was no drama.

To get to this stage has taken a while to achieve (and a lot of brain power, something I don't excel at - Ed) and would not be possible without the time, dedication and generosity of our working members. We would also like to thank the ELR works team for their assistance with the shunting the loco, craning various bits around and the lift itself.

On to the next stage which includes stripping the bogies down to the frames, removing the axles, overhauling the springs, overhauling the brake cylinders and associated pipework, traction motor overhaul, manufacture new traction motor linkages and the list goes on. Your support is paramount to complete this extensive overhaul on this very unique locomotive, as without our members we wouldn't be as far along as we are … but there is still a long way to go.

We also have facebook pages too, where we update regular progress - www.facebook.com/d8233

If you are interested in helping out please contact Rob Mason


Above : Ex-DMU bogies craned into position, in readiness for the bogie swap with D8233's the next day. © C15PS
Above : Loco all ready for the up. © C15PS
Above : DMU bogies now under the loco. © C15PS
Above : DMU bogies now under the loco. © C15PS
Above : The loco's bogies, ready to be stripped and overhauled. © C15PS
Above : Underkeep bolts were extremely stubborn ... Bill and Mike using conventional methods of removal. © C15PS
Above : Underkeep bolts were extremely stubborn ... but no match for this method of removal! © C15PS
Above : East Lancs Railway staff shunting the loco back to its usual spot inside the works. © C15PS
Above : Tool and handbrake cupboard sporting a fresh coat of deep bronze green gloss. © C15PS
Above : The former chairman found these lurking in his attic, thank you Simon. © C15PS
Above : Jim and David supervising. © C15PS


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